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    Immunity With our Community

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Celeste Gabriele

Get To Know

"The longing for Truth was born during my childhood when my innocent love for my parents was painfully interrupted by overhearing their judgments of each other. My suffering and longing for living from love again got me on my Spiritual Path. It wasn’t until many years later when I was introduced to The Work of Byron Katie that I realized that only by believing my thoughts I either love or suffer. Now I know I am love itself.

In 1999, the year before this realization, I was introduced to The Work of Byron Katie. At the time, I wasn't looking for another teaching. I had developed my own way of coming back to peace and it worked well, as long as I was sitting in meditation.

Katie (as we affectionately call her) amazed me with her loving, laser-sharp questions. I saw in her a part of me that I had not yet allowed myself to experience - the ability to ask for the truth. Through the 4 questions of The Work, I learned that, when I educate my mind, fear becomes the doorway to peace. My mind is now at home in my heart.

Since then, I’ve questioned my thoughts daily and have assisted hundreds of people in doing the same. I enjoyed partnering with Flourish Ojai this spring doing The Work with the “Immunity with the Community” project they offered. The Center’s mission aligns beautifully with my values of partnership, self-empowerment and personal freedom.

I truly enjoy listening to my friends and clients’ stories. When the story is painful, the questions shine the light of truth and bring us back to love. Every time I do The Work with someone, I revisit what needs attention in my own life. Serving you is serving me. I love you. What if love is all there is?"

Celeste Gabriele

Cert. Practitioner of The Work of Byron Katie

Shivani Jane

Get To Know

"Food, Movement and Community are the 3 main dishes that have served me throughout my life. My relationships in the kitchen and the classroom have nourished a sense of curiosity, creativity and connection, while offering a safe haven to feel my place of belonging.

What if we created a learning environment to cultivate life skills and the art of caring for ourselves through loving choices?

Some of my most heart-warming experiences have taken place with friends sharing a steaming cup of Chai made with aromatic spices, accompanied with the earthy tastes of Italian olive oil on freshly made bread. "Food is memory" and when we savor the simple pleasures of "soul foods" created with loving hands and hearts we are served and invitation to return home again.

What if we could appreciate our diversity through potlucks instead of politics?

For decades, I've been intuitively guided by my mother's gift for gardening and cooking. Later through my studies of Yoga and Ayurveda, I was inspired by the teachings of Mother Maya.

And in my aspiration for living life in balance, I blended this mix of food and movement, while Diana Syvertson, founder of Flourish Ojai, added the key ingredients of Encouragement and Love.

What if we stop using sugar and alcohol as a substitute for Love and remember to share sweet and tender moments with each other?

Through Diana's support I followed my "YES", cultivating Temple Taste a sanctuary for your senses and Somatic Source offering Feldenkrais programs for moving through life with greater awareness and ease. Tending to the essentials of life together, we can flourish and nourish our heart connections through Food, Movement and Community."

Shivani Jane

Somatic Source & Temple Taste