Sunday, March 21st

This program was presented on

  • 3/21/2021
    - Past Event -

    Participation requires the ability to open a zoom link, having paper and writing materials, and the ability to sit or stand as you are able. All you need is an ounce of Permission to change, to grieve, to release, to forgive, to manifest, to feel, to move through the next chapter of life…

    You were created for great things. You no longer need to play small. Give yourself permission to live a big life, stepping fully and with ease into who you are meant to be.

  • This program will be led by Entrepreneur in Resonance at Flourish Ojai and Master Teacher Kevin Mills. A unique three-part program beginning with an interactive two-hour virtual presentation, followed by a 14-day email based permission integration program, and concluding with an hour-long virtual check-in at the end of the 14-day integration period.

    Registration Fee: $121

    Please see below for more information about Kevin Mills and The Ounce Project.

  • Past participants have used their Ounce of Permission to give themselves permission to:

    Forgive themselves
    Forgive another
    Manifest abundance
    Be loved
    Move beyond the energy of 2020
    Let go of an old relationship
    Commit to a true relationship
    Let go of what was
    Move into was is
    Grieve for lost dreams
    Grieve for loved ones
    Express yourself fully
    Feel the true depth of bliss
    Experience nothingness

Kevin Mills

Get To Know

I am an Advocate for your soul.
For the past 15 years, I have run a private consulting practice focused on advising high net worth individuals. I help people from across the world convene and converse with their soul, the deepest most profound and most eternal part of themselves.

To truly touch meaning in your life, you must first know thyself; you must first know your story, not the way you tell it but the way your soul would tell your story. After graduating from Harvard Business School, I began walking the path of a high-flying executive. I soon became the CEO of what was at the time one of the largest online learning platforms in Healthcare. Everything, however, changed for me while I was on a trip to Fiji. I had traveled to Fiji for a date with destiny, but on my way to this very expensive seminar, I experienced my true date with destiny.

Upon my arrival at the Sheraton Hotel in Nadi Fiji, I took an introductory scuba diving course. The very next morning I was sitting on the bow of the dive boat heading out into the ocean. By the end of the first day of diving and listening to the stories of the crew and fellow passengers, I had become fast friends with the captain of the dive boat. “Kevin,” the captain told me at the end of my first day, “come dive tomorrow, but you don’t have to sign up at the hotel. Just come and jump on the boat anytime you want, you are now my personal guest on my humble boat.” So for the next few days, I did just that.

On the fourth day, I followed my same routine. I climbed onto the boat, and stood next to the captain as he called out his now familiar mantra to all the passengers, “It’s another beautiful day in the office!” For over an hour we traveled through the morning sunlight and toward the horizon. As I had done on each of the previous mornings upon arrival at the dive site, I helped the new guests put on their scuba diving gear. However, on this particular morning instead of putting on my tanks, I decided to go snorkeling by myself. It was such a sweet feeling, floating in the ocean alone with just my thoughts. There were nibbling fish kindly picking away at my skin, it felt like kisses from God. I was in heaven. Soon, however, I lost track of time; and evidently, I also lost track of the boat for when I surfaced the dive boat had left. The boat, my fellow divers, the crew, and the captain were all gone. I later learned one of the hotel guests fell so ill the dive was unexpectedly cut short. The captain checked the manifest of passengers and crew, and I was not on either list, so he headed back to shore leaving me in the ocean. I began screaming. I began screaming at God! “It is not supposed to be like this,” I screamed, “I am not supposed to die here!” The little fish that were once nibbling sweetly at my skin were now torturing me. It felt as if they were all trying to eat me alive. It was a reckoning for sure… it was a reckoning with God! “This cannot be it!” I screamed. “Stop eating me!” I screamed at the fish. I was in a total panic screaming, fighting off the nibbling fish and terrified that all the things I knew I was meant to do in the world would now remain undone. I am unsure how long my tirade lasted, but I remember the moment I surrendered and accepted that I was going to die in the middle of the Southern Pacific Ocean; the moment the intense terror within me turned to pure silence. At that moment I could hear everything. I could feel everything. I knew my truth and all I was meant to do with my life, versus the path that had brought me to this very moment. “I need one more chance,” I spoke into the water. “Just one more chance at my life.” Within moments I heard the dive boat heading back in my direction, and I just cried. The captain threw a rope to me and helped me out of the water. “You left me in the Ocean!” I exclaimed.

Let us begin…

Kevin Mills

Creator, The Ounce Project