Sunday, March 21st

This program was presented on

  • 3/21/2021
    - Past Event -

    Participation requires the ability to open a zoom link, having paper and writing materials, and the ability to sit or stand as you are able. All you need is an ounce of Permission to change, to grieve, to release, to forgive, to manifest, to feel, to move through the next chapter of life…

    You were created for great things. You no longer need to play small. Give yourself permission to live a big life, stepping fully and with ease into who you are meant to be.

  • This program will be led by Entrepreneur in Resonance at Flourish Ojai and Master Teacher Kevin Mills. A unique three-part program beginning with an interactive two-hour virtual presentation, followed by a 14-day email based permission integration program, and concluding with an hour-long virtual check-in at the end of the 14-day integration period.

    Registration Fee: $121

    Please see below for more information about Kevin Mills and The Ounce Project.

  • Past participants have used their Ounce of Permission to give themselves permission to:

    Forgive themselves
    Forgive another
    Manifest abundance
    Be loved
    Move beyond the energy of 2020
    Let go of an old relationship
    Commit to a true relationship
    Let go of what was
    Move into was is
    Grieve for lost dreams
    Grieve for loved ones
    Express yourself fully
    Feel the true depth of bliss
    Experience nothingness

Kevin Mills

Get to know your Practitioner

Creator of The Ounce Project, Kevin Mills brings this unique offering to Flourish Ojai. To learn more about Kevin and listen to some sample works, click below.