In order to make this powerful experience more accessible during this global pandemic, we are offering it for just $39 for a limited time. 

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What is Soul Verse?

Discover Your Inner Prayer of Recognition

We invite you to connect to the music of the universe!

Your Soul has YOUR unique vibration and frequency. This sound or verse is guiding all your experiences in order to evolve your purpose and perspective.

During this 3-hour online workshop, you will have the opportunity to write your own Soul Verse to reveal what’s truly important to you and center your mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

Utilizing your own Soul Verse like a mantra will clarify your vision & support you in aligning to your internal self. Repeating your Soul Verse every day will highlight your authenticity and attract what’s important to you into your sphere. This unique offering serves as a tool for introspection, for embracing yourself, and for walking in the world with personal integrity. After participating in this process, you’ll find yourself embodying new verses that connect your soul to your heart’s desires regarding relationships, health, career, and more.

Wendy Sue

Get to know your Practitioner

Reverend Wendy Sue Wahl is a certified Akashic Record Consultant & Teacher whose aspiration is to help you find your presence. To learn more about Wendy Sue's work, connect with her at
  • “More joy and a sense of fully being me”

  • “More contentment, acceptance, forgiveness and allowance.”

  • “The universe responds in kind when you speak your truth!”

Words From Past Participants

Reports from participants in the live program on Oct. 18, 2020

I had the pleasure of attending Flourish Ojai’s first online event, Soul Verse, hosted by Wendy Sue Wahl. As the name suggests, I figured I would discover some kind of message from my soul. What I didn’t expect was the deep shamanic journey Wendy Sue so lovingly guided us all through to find it! As if my soul were waiting for the opportunity to speak comfort and support during these tumultuous times, my Soul Verse wrote itself effortlessly. Now in the midst of ongoing challenges, I feel like I have the words of my mother, my ancestors and my highest self combined into one short poem that  grounds me with the sense that all is well. I wrote my Soul Verse on pretty paper and hung it on my mirror, appropriately—self reflecting to self a verse that only my soul could have written. Such gratitude to Wendy Sue and Flourish Ojai for co-creating such a magical event!