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Kevin Mills and The Ounce Project will return to Flourish Ojai with a new offering on March 21st, 2021.
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Sunday, December 20th 2020

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This 2020 Winter Solstice is a transformative celestial event!

For the first time in 800 years, the galaxy will shift from the Earth element to the Air element through the conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn. Earth represents possessions, predictability, our past, and what binds us, while Air represents insight, inspiration, our future, and what sets us free!

We are collectively unmooring from the shore of our familiarity and embarking on a journey into a new era of planetary consciousness.

According to numerology, 12/20/2020 marks a completion while 12/21/2020 indicates a new beginning. Clearly, it’s now time to utilize our 2020 vision, set our sights on our soulful dreams and build a bridge from here to there, from earth to air.

Participation requires the ability to open a zoom link, having paper and writing materials, and the ability to sit or stand as you are able.

Let’s build a bridge together!

Please join our Winter Solstice Celebration...

  • Past Event

    The $177 participation fee for Your Journey into the Moment includes a 3-hour live event on Zoom on December 20 and a 14-day series of emails starting on December 21.

    Each of the 14 emails will include a unique one-minute meditation and a journaling exercise from The Ounce Project specially created for this unique moment by our instructor, Kevin Mills.

  • Through his gift of storytelling, Kevin will facilitate a series of activities designed to call forward the essential foundational building blocks for a new beginning. Movement, meditation, music, contemplation, new insights, sharing, and ritual will be presented in Kevin’s characteristic lively manner.

    Please see below for more information about Kevin Mills and The Ounce Project.

Kevin Mills

Get to know your Practitioner

Creator of The Ounce Project, Kevin Mills brings this unique offering to Flourish Ojai. To learn more about Kevin and listen to some sample works, click below.